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Luke 2:11; Romans 10:9; Philippians 2:11


And every tongue

acknowledge that

Jesus Christ is Lord,

to the glory of God the Father. (Philippians 2:11)

Scripture Reference:

Psalms 110:1;

John 13:13-15;

Acts 2:36;

1 Peter 3:15

  When the angels proclaimed the birth of Jesus, they not only called him a saviour, but also emphasised Jesus, “the Lord” (Luke 2:11). Lord in Greek is ‘Kurios’ which means ‘master’, this name is equivalent to ‘Adonai’ in the Old Testament, and is used to refer to Jehovah, which means ‘our God’. This means that the Kurios of the New Testament is one and the same as Adonai of the Old Testament, shows the authority, dominion, and divinity that Jesus possesses.

  In the New Testament, the title ‘Lord’ is the most commonly used other than ‘Jesus’, in the book of John alone, Jesus referred to himself as ‘Lord’ 5 times, others referred to him as ‘Lord’ 43 times. It is used the most in Paul’s letters, over 200 times in total. The term in Greek can be used to refer to both people or God, however, there is a difference in levels.

  Jesus is not only the Lord of heaven and earth, but he is also the Lord of our lives. A lot of Christians are willing to accept Jesus as saviour but are unwilling to hand over control of their lives to Him, don’t respect him, obey him, admit he is the Lord of all. Paul referred to himself as a ‘servant’ before Jesus, he happily served the Lord, because he understood the life of a Christian, unless you become a servant of Christ, you will never be truly free; unless you completely give yourself to Christ, you will be victorious; unless you let your old self go, you cannot enter a new life. Dear Christians, admitting Jesus is Lord is of utmost importance, admitting he is Lord of your life, putting your life in His hands and letting Him take over, is there anything left to worry about? Seeing as all heaven and earth is in his hands, your small life can be more safely entrusted to His almighty hands.


1.    “Lord Jesus Christ” is three different names, but refer to the same God, when we use faith to call and depend on Him, do not forget, you have already admitted he is your saviour, Lord of your life, King of your life, do not only say it aloud, but believe it in your heart, and practice it in your life.

2.    If He is Lord of heaven and earth, if he is in control of the whole universe, then your small life, is there anything to worry about when placing it in His hands? Dear Christians, be at peace and give your all over to God!


Dear God,

we call you “Lord Jesus Christ”,

at the same time

I examine myself, as a person,

whether I truly fear You!

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