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Matthew 2:2; 21:4-5; Luke 23:2; John 12:15


And asked,

“Where is the one

who has been born

king of the Jews?

We saw his star when it rose

and have come to worship him.”

(Matthew 2:2)

Scripture Reference:

1 Samuel 2:10;

Psalms 2:6;

Jeremiah 23:5;

Zechariah 9:9-11

  When Jesus was born, there was a star that led the wise men from the east to Jerusalem, they asked Herod about the whereabouts of the Lord, Matthew once again used a special title, which caused unrest for King Herod and all of Jerusalem, he said, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?” Using this title and decree, shows that even before Jesus was born, he already existed, and he was born to be the eternal king, the just king, the king of peace.

  The King James Bible refers to Herod as king, but this king is in lower case, because he is a normal king, but when it refers to Jehovah as King, this King is spelt with capitals, it is a special noun. You can see that Jesus Christ was born as a king but no ordinary king, He was the King of kings.

  This King of kings came among us not in a palace, but in a humble manger; He did not have a brilliant throne, just the embrace of a mother; He did not have gorgeous robes, just cloth for a baby; He was not surrounded by servants, just shepherds from the fields. Even so, all kings of the world paled in comparison to Him, because his righteousness, love, peace, salvation, and eternity bought hope to the people of the world. He healed the lame, forgave people of their trespasses, brought the kingdom of heaven to the people, and sacrificed himself for the same people. Oh! Hosanna! Our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, he the King of kings!


1.    Our Lord “one what has been born king”, are you willing to let him sit on the throne of your heart? Are you willing to offer up everything to Him? So that he can lead your life and sit on the throne.

2.    When Jesus was born, “there was no guest room available”, all they could do was wrap him in cloth and place him in a manger. This King of kings, ruler of heaven and earth, “He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him”. If the innkeeper at the time knew that this newborn child was the Messiah that they had been waiting every day for, born to be king of the Jews, he would’ve made the best room he had available to them. What a pity! Today a lot of people are just like this innkeeper, letting a great opportunity slip by.


Dear God! You do not care about

the splendid and beautiful palaces of the world,

You crave us to receive You

in the depths of our broken hearts.

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