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Isaiah 9:6;

Matthew 21:15;

Luke 4:22;

Acts 2:22; 4:30


And He will be called

Wonderful Counselor

(Isaiah 9:6)

Scripture Reference:

Judges 13:18;

Job 42:3;

Psalm 119:129; 139:6;

Isaiah 25:1; 28:29

  Regarding the name of Jesus Christ, Isaiah used five very beautiful and special titles to address the Lord. More than 700 years before the Lord’s birth, through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, Isaiah correctly described the image of Christ. Through these five different words, we can know Christ in a deeper and broader sense. Isaiah solemnly and concisely declared: "And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6) (NIV).

"Wonderful" is the most suitable name for the Lord. This is a praise and admiration to the Lord, because everything in Him is wonderful, to an extent which you cannot imagine or measure. The Lord Jesus we know, His words, His works, His testimonies, His character, and His life are all wonderful. He is the God who "does wonderful things" in the Old Testament (Judges 13: 18, 19; Isaiah 25: 1). When He came to the world, everyone was amazed at the miracles He did (Matthew 21: 15; Luke 4: 22).

On one hand, "Wonderful" describes the power and deeds of Christ, which is revealed through the miracles, wonders and signs performed by the miraculous Lord Jesus (Acts 2:22). On the other hand, it is a metaphor for the Lord’s humility and obedience which can be seen in the life of Jesus Christ- humbled as a man, obeyed, died and rose again, God's miraculous redemption was achieved (Acts 4:10). "Wonderful" is not just a name, it is also a declaration and testimony, an ability and deed, a promise and a blessing.


1. "Wonderful" is the name of the Lord, which is beyond the comprehension of human wisdom. No wonder Job would say: "things too wonderful for me to know" (Job 42: 3) (NIV) “The Lord's methods are wonderful”, “The Lord’s knowledge is wonderful”, “The Lord’s actions are wonderful”, and “The Lord’s counsels are wonderful”. All "wonderful" deeds and truths can only be believed with faith, received with gratitude, and extolled with praise.

2. The greatest "wonder" is the salvation of Jesus Christ - "became flesh" and "resurrection from death". The doctrine of the cross is foolishness for those who perish, but it is the power of God for those who are saved. Saints! All the "wonders" of the Lord are given to those who receive it by faith.


Oh God! "Wonderful"

is a kind of admiration and amazement,

with Lord Jesus Christ,

everything in life is admirable,

how wonderful is life!

Wonderful Lord, thank you!

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